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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Behind the Background?

Are the old families hidden behind the so-called Janssen's of today?

Look at the resemblance to Dr Bricoux's "LA PLUME NOIRE" Belg 25 300459 and the Janssens below.

"LA PLUME NOIRE" Belg 25 300459, Red Chequer Cock bred by Dr. Arthur Bricoux. Winner of many Prizes including 2nd Limoges, 4th Bordeaux, 10th Bordeaux, Dax, St. Vincent, Etc. Bred from "Noir Ecaille" Bekeman & "La Petite Rousse". La Plume Noire purchased by the late Dr. Anderson of Scotland from Dr. Bricoux. La Plume Noire was full brother to Dr. Bricoux's World Famous "JULES CESAR".

LA PLUME NOIRE picture & information taken from February 1966 Racing Pigeons International

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