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Monday, May 10, 2010

03 FCQ 6495 Recessive Red Cock

"6495" bred by Gilles Chaloux, Quebec. A classic inbred pedigree to Meulemans Golden Couple.

"Mr Perfect" NL92-2244532, inbred son NL88-1104164, "Choco Flash", bred from B75-6758680 "Golden Witneus", when paired to his super daughter NL85-461235, "Perfection"! Dam of "Mr Perfect" is NL85-461235, "Perfection" again! This pure Meulemans cock shows all the class of the "Old Van Den Bosch" Foundation Cock!

"Platina" NL92-2244589 Meulemans extravaganza, from NL85-461452, "Sonny", son of the foundation pair B75-6758680, "Golden Witneus" and "Wittekrophen" NL77-590699, when paired to NL88-1103982, "Choco Platinum", daughter of "B75-6758680, "Golden Witneus" when paired to his top daughter NL85-461235, "Perfection"!

"Wittekrop Jr" B79-6752606, son of B70-6754671, "Wittekrop", fabulous son of the "Golden Pair", B67-6729926, "Van Den Bosch" and B66-6122023, "Blauw Janssen". His dam is B78-6155011, "011", daughter of the Champion "Kadet", B72-6111169, when paired to B75-6273704, "704 Bourgske". Wittekrop Jr." was bought back by Karel Meulemans at the total sale on the 26th of October 1980. He was put in double "bis" under lot 15 and 15b with B78-6155010, nest brother of the "011", from famous "Kadet". Herman Beverdam succeeded to buy "Wittekrop Jr." from Karel Meulemans and he turned out to be a Golden Producer!

"Wittekrop Duivin" NL77-590699, daughter of B75-6501308, "Wittekrop 308", son of "Wittekrop", B70-6754671 and B71-6770483, "Malie-Witpen", a pure Jos Van Den Bosch hen. Her dam is B72-6482080, "Witstaart", daughter "Golden Pair", B67-6729926, "Van Den Bosch" and B66-6122023, "Blauw Janssen"!

"Goulden Witneus" or "Genopte Witpen" B75-6758680, This fantastic producer, the direct son of the "Golden Pair" came through Gerhard Schlepphorst to Herman Beverdam, where he became the no. 1 producer of the Meulemans family, before he was sold on into the USA! All his children were fantastic producers and founded lofts world wide! In the new generation Meulemans producers you will find this exceptional producer in many pedigrees of today's foundation stock! The Herman Beverdam Meulemans are known for their unique class! They are as they were in 1976 of incredible class and they prove it every season again!

Meulemans' Golden Couple, B67-6729926, "Van Den Bosch" and B66-6122023, "Blauw Janssen"!
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